You stole my heart,

You ran away with it,

And you never gave it back.

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Love is tickle-me-pink.

It smells like the bouquet of roses that your crush gave you for Valentine’s Day.

It tastes like the chocolates that you received with them.

It sounds like your two best friends making-up after a fight over something stupid.

It feels like your parents giving you a goodnight kiss.

It looks like the chocolate brown eyes of the lost puppy that you brought in from the cold.

Love is that fuzzy that you get inside when you’re surrounded by the people who truly care about you.

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Home Away from Home

Breakout the bikinis, August is here,

Time to swim in the ocean and jump off the pier.

Off to the cottage, pack up the car,

It’s always a trip though it may not be far,

We meet up with the Smiths,

They’re just like my family,

Cross over the border,

And drive along happily.

By the end of the day,

We get to Ridgeway.

Then look around town,

Driving the streets up and down.

Finally! There it is, from here I can see it,

The green and white cottage,

A perfect fit!

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Temptation is burgundy, 

It smells like hot chocolate chip cookies cooling on your kitchen counter.

 It tastes like the cake you were offered while on a diet. It sounds like the CD you don’t have enough money to buy yet. 

It feels like the silky fabric on that new designer dress you’re about to splurge on. It looks like the $10 bill on your best friends dresser while she’s not in the room. 

Temptation is a strong wanting but having enough strength to quench it.

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The Spectrum of my Personality

In school at the moment, we are studying poetry in English class. Needless to say, we have had to write a bunch of poems, so here is one about the two sides to my personality.

Most see my as a shade of light purple,
shy, soft-spoken, and very self-conscious.
Almost as fragile as a hurt baby bird.
But when nobody’s looking I begin to break free,
and blossom into a brilliant shade of light green.
I become spazzy, and loud, and kind of obnoxious.
With the personality of a Jack Russell terrier.
I transform from purple to green when I ‘m with the people,
that I love the very most.

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The Life and Times and Terrible Crimes of Lizi Smith-Chapter 2

I was in English class when a note flew through the air and landed on my desk. I picked it up and unfolded it, while I looked around the room for whoever could have thrown it.
As I finished unfolding the tiny piece of lined paper, my teacher looked over at me.
“Please put that away Miss. Smith, or else share what it says with the class.” she commanded.
“Sorry.” I replied, as I went to put the note in my pocket, but instead Cia caught my eye and signaled for my to read it anyways.
I un-crumpled the piece of paper, very discreetly, and looked at it.
It said:
Alex likes Rei. I feel so bad. Don’t ask how I know. Sorry:(
I looked up, dumbfounded, not wanting to believe it. I felt as if someone had ripped my heart out, then stomped on it. I was crushed.

The moment I got home, I ran upstairs to my room, so I could cry and feel sorry for myself alone.
After I had a good cry, I mopped up my tears then got up to take a shower and try to calm down enough to do my homework.

When my alarm went off the next morning, I felt like crawling back under my fluffy down comforter and going back to sleep, or possibly just dying.
I didn’t want to go to school and face Rei or Alex or Cia.
For the longest time, I just laid on my back in the dark and thought. I thought about how much I loved Alex and how much it hurt that he didn’t love me back. I thought harder and realized that I should happy for Rei, after all, they weren’t getting married, at least I hoped not.
Finally, I gathered enough strength to throw the blankets to the foot of my bed, and get up to take a shower.
As I stepped under the steady stream of hot water, all of my muscles relaxed and uncoiled. I quickly washed my hair and body, then turned off the shower and got out.
As I dried off, I thought about what I was going to wear, and how I was going to do my hair and make-up.
I wrapped my towel around myself, and put my hair up in another towel, and walked out of my bathroom and across my bedroom to my walk-in closet. I had finally decided to wear a sleeve-less baby-doll top from Abercrombie over a pair of dark, skinny jeans, and along with a pair of metallic flats.
I pulled my selections off of various shelves and hangers and threw them onto my towel warmer to heat them up while I did my hair and make-up.
I plugged in my straightener, and started to blow-dry my hair, while it got hot.
When my hair was dry, I pulled the top layer back into a ponytail, and then straightened the rest of it, so it fell in a sleek and straight line down the middle of my back.
Next, I put my clothes on and fussed with my outfit until it was perfect.
Finally, I started in on my make-up. I applied a bit of bronze concealer, just enough to make my face look flawless. Then, I put on some pink, shimmery eye shadow, mascara, and jet black eyeliner. As an after thought, I dusted my cheeks with the perfect amount of blush to make my cheeks rosy.
When I was finally done “primping”, as my mom would call it, I went downstairs for a quick bowl of cereal before I left for school.
When I finished eating, I brushed my teeth and grabbed my messenger bag. Then I went into the living room, where my mom was watching the news, to kiss her good-bye.
Next, I grabbed my ballet flats, then left my house and began my walk to school.

About ten minutes later, I stepped up the front steps of my school, regretting walking to school in such uncomfortable shoes.
I had arrived about twenty minutes early, so I decided to go to the computer lab to begin working on my French project, an essay that was to be written entirely en français.
Before I went to the computer lab, I stopped at my locker to drop my book bag off and grab my flash drive.
Just as I turned the corner, I walked smack into Alex; I obviously had been daydreaming and not paying attention.
“Ohmigosh! I’m so sorry!” I choked out all at once.
“It’s fine.” He replied, his voice as smooth as velvet. “No harm done.”
I could be wrong but I think I saw him wink at me just before he continued on his way.
As he left, I bit my lip and smiled to myself, wondering what he was thinking about at that very moment.

The Life and Times and Terrible Crimes of Lizi Smith-Chapter 1

I slammed my locker door closed in frustration, so hard that my mirror inside fell. My class had just received our scores on our recently taken math test, and in my mind, an eighty-seven percent, my grade, was not acceptable. I was sure my parents wouldn’t be elated at that grade either.
“I’m in over my head”,I thought to myself as I walked down to the café for lunch.
This year I was taking as many advanced classes as I could; Acc. Math, Earth Science, English 9, Global, and lastly R1 French. Did I mention that I’m only in eighth grade? Plus, I’m involved in so many extra-curricular activities, such as, band, chorus, jazz ensemble, Math and Science Olympiad, I’m an editor of my school’s literary anthology, The Summit, and I have a one hour flute lesson every Monday after-school. I have absolutely no free time on my hands, in school or at home.
As I turned the corner, still lamenting, and looked up, I saw my best friends Ciara and Rei standing at Rei’s locker. Ciara, or Cia as we like to call her, was waiting for Rei to put away her Math stuff so they could walk to lunch together like they did everyday.
Just as Rei was finishing, she looked up and saw me.
“Liz!”, she called, “C’mere!”
I hurried over to wait with Cia, so we could all walk together. Rei quickly grabbed her notebook, a pencil, and a book, then slammed her locker. After lunch was her free period and she preferred not to come back to her locker after lunch, but rather go straight to her classroom. She said that it gave her the most amount of time to work on her story.
When we started to walk and Rei brought up the inevitable question about the upcoming dance.
“So”, she started, “who are you going with?”
“Nobody yet-but I’m really hoping Alex asks me!”, I replied.
“We turned the corner and walked into the café. As we walked to our table, we looked around, trying to look as cute as possible, and laughing, so that every girl in the room wished that they were with us.
Rei and I had brought our lunches from home, so we walked over to our usual lunch table, and joined up with some of our other friends, Sarah, Maddy, Shannon, Kelly, Katie, and Amanda. We sat down and started to talk and eat.
About five minutes later Cia came over with her lunch and sat down next to me. She picked up her grilled chicken sandwich and bit into it.
“Ewwww!”, she squealed, “they put tomato on it again! I specifically asked for NO tomato! Great, now I have to throw this away.” She said as she got up and threw out her sandwich.
“Hey, guess who’s staring at ya’ Liz.” Rei taunted.
“Hmmm, let me think for just one second-him?! I replied quickly, willing myself not to stare right back.
“Well, why don’t you smile back at him?” Rei asked.
“Because, that’s just not who I am.” I told her, “I’m not like you-I can’t randomly go up to him and start flirting with him out of nowhere. Trust me, if I could I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you right now.”
“You just need to become more outgoing and spontaneous-like moi!”
“The problem is, I don’t know how to do that.” I said. I truly didn’t have the slightest clue about how to start.
“Just follow my lead for a few days, and do what I do”
“This isn’t going to turn into a Rei-flirt-with-Alex-in-front-of-her-BFF-fest is it?”
“No, I promise”, she said, with a little too much sincerity.
“You promise?”
“Okay fine, pinkies”, I sighed, “just to be sure.”
At that exact moment the bell rang, signaling the end of our lunch period. I stood up, along with the rest of my friends, and walked out of the café.
“Okay!”, Rei shouted to me over the deafening hum of a thousand different conversations going on at once, “Step one is simply talking to him. So, follow me and jump into the conversation when you want to.”
“‘Kay…” I replied, as I tagged along behind her, as she weaved through the crowd in search of Alex and his friends. When she finally found him, she struck up a conversation about the test that Mr. Roberts had given them in science earlier that morning.
While she was talking, all I could do was stare at Alex. He was wearing an American Eagle sweater with gray and white stripes on it, along with jeans. His shaggy, dark brown hair fell into his perfect deep blue eyes, and curled out slightly at the ends. He was drop-dead gorgeous.
“Every so often he would glance at me, and I would get lost in his deep blue eyes.
Smile, Lizi, smile.“, my mind screamed so loudly, I thought Alex might hear it.
I forced myself to smile and looked on as they compared their answers to different questions.
I didn’t want to “jump in” like Rei had suggested because I didn’t have Mr. Roberts for Science therefore, I hadn’t taken that test and I wouldn’t have anything intelligent to say.
When Alex and Rei finished talking, and Alex went to his locker, I trailed after Rei, as she walked towards her study hall.
“Why the heck didn’t you say anything to him?!” she asked, frustrated.
“Because, I’m not in your class, so it would be way too obvious for me to go up to him and randomly start talking to him about a test that I didn’t even take.
“So? That’s why it’s called flirting!”, she shot back at me.
“Maybe, but when I talk to him, if that ever happens, I want to sound smart.”
“Why smart?,” Rei asked, “You know, not all guys are into smart girls.
She made air quotes as she said smart.
“Well I certainly don’t wanna look like an idiot! Anyways, I have to go, otherwise I’m gonna be late for art.
“Okay, see ya’” Rei called as I sped around the corner to my next class.

My TechYES Project and The Rules

As you might already know, what you are reading is my TechYES project. I’m, along with my friends at my school, piloting this new idea for my school district. You have to create two projects, both of them using technology. So, this is my first project.

A bit about this site:

1. You will eventually be able to create your own accounts and then you can post your original literary works, such as short stories (or excerpts of long ones), lyrics, poems, and any other type of writing you can come up with!

2. If you post any inappropriate material in your posts or comments, like adult content or swear words, your account will be taken away. My adivce about this is: If you’re not sure if it will be allowed, don’t post it at all.

3. This is purely an educational site, and if you instead are using it as a chat room, you will be banned from this site for 1 week. Also, any irrelevent comments or posts will be eliminated.

4. If you have any other questions, you can post them as comments on this post.


As you can see this is my new blog for my techYES project. It eventually will be where you can post origanal writing, and then get feedback fron other readers, and ME!!!!

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